Olympian Fencing Club (OFC) is a club member of USA Fencing Association (USFA), every participant at OFC is required to obtain a USFA membership, $10 Non-competitive or $85 competitive per season (must be in Fencer’s name not Parent’s name). Beginners only need to register for the non-competitive membership initially. This can be obtained at the following USA Fencing website and please provide us a copy of your fencer’s membership card (it will have a barcode on it) on the first day of practice or email it to us, please do not bring payment receipt.  As you create the new USA Fencing account, remember your fencer is with “OLYMPIAN FENCING CLUB” in the South Texas Division.


On the Member page, under “MEMBERSHIP” click on upper left “Join or Renew.”

After opening an account with USA Fencing please do the following:

  1. Login to Fencer’s account
  2. On upper right Red circle click on “Edit Profile”
  3. Click on “My Membership Card” on left side 4th from top down, and save on your computer as PDF,
  4. Email us the PDF file as an attachment.