Little Olympians Class is designed for anyone of age 4 to 6 who are new to, or have recently been introduced to fencing.  Our teaching philosophy is based on working one-on-one with our fencers to develop individual skills in a group-learning environment.  Students are asked to bring a water bottle, an extra t-shirts and warm up pants or sweatpants and comfortable sneakers.

They will be taught the very basic skills of fencing every Friday from 5-6 pm. This will include warm ups, play games based on hand – eye coordination, proper foot work, various fencing moves, and of course fencing.  Full equipment is provided by OFC: plastic light weight weapons, plastic light weight masks, gloves and jackets.  Enrollment & payment for Beginners is the first Friday of each month.  Please email us in advance to request the Beginner’s forms and information!