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Birthday Parties and Corporate Team Building Events

No experience or equipment is needed for a one of a kind party for you or your co-workers or birthday group. Have your next birthday party or other special function at our fencing facility! It’s a perfect place to hold your team-building meeting, family or neighborhood party, or other team event! You and your friends, co-workers, or family can have some fun and try fencing!


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June 2022

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Our First Little Olympians Class

Highlights from our first Little Olympians class. This 4-6 year olds beginner’s class focuses on the basics of the sport while having fun. The kids get to use safe plastic gear to learn the rules, touches, basic lunges, and sportsmanship. Contact us today to find out when the next class starts.


Kelley Hurley vs Velizar Iliev

2000 Olympian Velizar Iliev fenced 2012 London bronze medalist Olympian Kelley Hurley on June 9, 2012 during a local San Antonio tournament at Olympian Fencing Club. This epic battle came down to 5-4 after a very nice comeback from Kelley. Olympian Fencing Club is the premier epee fencing school in San Antonio and features great matches and tournaments like this one.



  • Coach Velizar is a professional, well respected, athlete that obviously takes pride in his work and loves what he does. His knowledgeable coaching technique shines through in all of his kids and I feel that he gives his undivided attention to each and every one of them. My daughter really enjoys and looks forward to going to practice and has such a great experience at the competitions that I’m confident in knowing she will enjoy this sport for many years to come. –A happy parent

  • Great club. My kids like it a lot. Coach is pleasure to work with. –Yuri

  • As the mom of three kids in the Olympian Fencing Club I have to add my praise for the environment and training Velizar Iliev provides. Velizar is an exceptionally talented and well-trained athlete who has the rare gift of knowing how to teach others to do what he does. His style is calm, patient, and adaptable. I have been well-pleased with the both the level of instruction (truly world-class) and the atmosphere (very family friendly). Because of Olympian Fencing Club my family has definitely caught the “fencing bug”. And, we’re much better because of it! –Another happy mom

  • Fencing in San Antonio has been turned up a few notches. If you are looking for fencing with the proper training approach and care, Olympian Fencing Club is your last stop. You will be well prepared by a qualified and concerned coach with Olympic training and proven success. San Antonio welcomes OFC and Velizar Iliev!–Anonymous

  • Our daughter has been fencing for less than a year, but has excelled a great deal nationally thanks to Velizar Iliev s approach. He is a professional that has proven experience and success. His calm and guiding approach is perfect for our child and has helped her immensely. We started through a summer camp that drew her interest and she continues to grow. The sport has made a major impact in our daughter s focus in school, attitude, and grades. She is more confident, respectful, and productive. We also appreciate Velizar s frugality in terms of fees, equipment and travel in a sport that can be an investment. His understanding of this and guidance in proper equipment and other items is a great plus. –Matthew Carpenter

  • Velizar is a great athlete and a great coach!!!!!! –Eva

  • I’m so glad to have found Olympian Fencing Club, opposed to other fencing clubs we have been members of. First of all Coach Velizar takes the to time to individually teach everyone of his fencers the proper way of fencing since he is an Olympian fencer himself. Second of all he has the patient to work well with the kids which my son noticed that the very first day he was there. If your looking for a fencing club , Olympian is by far the best club here in San Antonio!!!–Lisa

  • Of the three fencing clubs I have seen, I feel Olympian has the best approach. Velizar, a 2000 Olympic Pentathlete, is incredibly knowledgeable and is has a very positive coaching and teaching style. He will take extra time to work with his students. He also sports an incredible sense of humor, something that makes hard work not seem so hard. He is also capable of working with school districts for kids that wish to explore off campus PE credits. I couldn’t be more positive with this club. Call them is you are at all curious.–Sean

  • As a mom of a 12 year old fencer who currently is the #2 in the US in her age group and weapon, I must say that Velizar Iliev is by far the best coach my daughter has ever had. Our family feels extremely fortunate that San Antonio has such a world class Olympian fencer / coach, who can also work so well and patiently with children and teens. Olympian Fencing Club (or OFC as the fencers fondly call it) is a phenomenal family oriented fencing club, where kids, teens and adults come to have fun and stay in shape, and also to train for regional, national and international competitions if they choose to participate. There is a great deal of camaraderie not only between the fencers, but also between their families.–Nina

  • I feel really fortunate that our family has found Olympian Fencing Club. Coach Velizar is both knowledgeable and kind as a coach. As an accomplished competitor himself, he is able to exemplify the mindset of a champion for his athletes while still making learning to fence a lot of fun. He is never afraid to push his athletes to be the best they can be, and emphasizes conditioning and general good health and well being as part of his fencing program. Overall a very good experience for our son. It is rare to find any activity available to children in our community that is this rewarding or well run. Fencing is a sport for a lifetime!–A fencing mom


Fencing San Antonio

Modern fencing has three weapons: foil, épée, and sabre. Épée means sword in French and is the weapon of choice at Olympian Fencing Club. Épée fencing is different than the other weapons in various ways and allows for a “touch” or score on any part of the body, which increases the need for strategy and defensive skill nuance. As a San Antonio fencing school, all areas of training are offered related to learning and perfecting this exciting sport. Olympian, the premier fencing school in San Antonio, guides all skill levels from beginner to advanced and at any age. Visit us or contact us to find out why Olympian is the best fencing school in the Alamo area.