The Premier Fencing Club and School in San Antonio

Olympian Fencing Club is devoted to teaching the art and sport of fencing as a club and fencing school for beginners to advanced students.  People call fencing “Physical Chess”.  And while watching a fencing “bout”, the movements, attacks and defensive strategies can be so fast that it is hard to see or understand the calculated nature of the sport and the athleticism to be a great fencer.

We’re focused on providing a rewarding experience that will build confidence, reinforce teamwork and inspire the personal growth necessary for your child to take the next step in life. Many of our fencers have earned medals in various local, National & International competitions. Our fencers have been offered scholarships and recruiting spots at the following NCAA Division I fencing colleges: Princeton, Stanford, Columbia, Harvard, Yale, Wharton (at UPenn), Duke, Northwestern, Ohio State, Penn State, Air Force Academy and University of Incarnate Word.

Get to know our world class coaches!

Olympian Fencing Club has a very positive approach with its students.  Encouragement, patience and guidance are the keys to developing and nurturing young talent and taking them to the next level of success in the sport of fencing.  You and your child will always be treated with the utmost respect.  We understand you are PAYING US, and it is up to us to make sure you have a positive experience.  The fencing school is very family oriented and Velizar loves to see smiles and improvement.

Learn to Fence!

Not only is fencing great exercise and a great way to compete, it is fun!  Olympian focuses on making the sport fun by incorporating games, fun competitions for prizes, family gatherings and more.  At Olympian, we get the whole family involved in activities to emphasize the great opportunity fencing offers as a family activity.

We are located in a private property of St. Anthony Catholic High School with state-of-the-art Fencing facility.

3200 McCullough Ave., San Antonio, TX 78212    /    210-872-2004

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 29466, San Antonio, TX 78229

Olympian was founded by three time world champion and US Olympian, Velizar Iliev with the intention of making epee fencing center stage in San Antonio.  Numerous colleges and universities offer well funded scholarships for skilled fencers.  In addition, most high school physical education (PE) guidelines allow high school students to satisfy their PE credits through outside physical sports like fencing.

Olympian has more than ten high school students from numerous San Antonio school districts that participate in our programs.  If you ask these students to compare standard PE benefits at their school to their fencing school physical benefits, there is no comparison.

Olympian also encourages its students to participate in competitions nationwide, including the Summer Nationals as well as International.  Numerous local and regional tournaments are available as well, allowing all levels of fencers to be able to compete and gain experience.

All class levels include any age range and gender. Class levels are arranged by age incorporated with skill level.

Explore the offerings of our different class levels:

  • Little Olympians Class - Girls & Boys 4-6 years old
    • Little Olympians Class is designed for Girls & Boys of age 4 to 6 who are new to, or have recently been introduced to fencing.
    • Fencers will be taught the very basic skills of fencing.
    • Warm ups, play games based on hand – eye coordination.
    • Proper footwork and various fencing moves.
    • Fencing bouts with plastic Mask & Epees.
    • Beginner Class - Girls & Boys 6 years old and up
      • Designed for Girls & Boys new to the sport for ages 6 and up.
      • Games are played to encourage stamina and agility.
      • Open fencing for basic movements and footwork.
      • Fencing bouts.
      • Intermediate Class - Girls & Boys 6-10 years old
        • Intermediate Classes are designed for Girls & Boys 6 to 10 years old.
        • Games are played to encourage stamina and agility.
        • Competitive fencing for technique refinement and footwork.
        • Fencing and general Conditioning.
        • Preparations and logistics are discussed for tournament competitions.
        • Fencing bouts.
        • Private lessons take individual skill guidance to the next level.
        • Advanced Class - Girls & Boys 11 years old and up
          • Advanced Classes are designed for Girls & Boys 11 years old and up.
          • Key skills and advanced techniques are reviewed and practiced.
          • Fencing and general Conditioning.
          • Video review of past competitions are used to correct mistakes and study movement
          • Preparations and logistics are discussed for tournament competitions.
          • Fencing bouts.
          • Private lessons take individual skill guidance to the next level.
          • Open Fencing
            • Open Fencing is designed for Fencing bouts only (see our schedule for times).
            • Best fit for adult fencers or parents who can’t attend classes but would like to experience the sport.
            • Good for visiting fencers from other clubs and Cities.
            • Private lessons take individual skill guidance to the next level.

          If this sounds like something you would like to explore, contact us via phone, email or just come by.  You will never be pressured, but trust that if you try it, you will be hooked.